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With the :nabled platform, projects and organizations can be analyzed quickly, in detail and securely. Ordering the analysis is non-binding and without obligation.

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Register and get full access to the entire functionality. You can create any analysis and also your own templates to customize your analysis to your project, your company and your work culture.

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The creation of your own templates and your own area are free of charge and without obligation, as well as analyses with up to 8 participants.

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You can also try an analysis with even less obligation. Our mission is the enablement of projects and organizations to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to continuously improve. The pricing should not be the problem.

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Your analysis is free of charge and without obligation for up to 8 participants. You cannot create your own templates when ordering without registration. But you can use all standard templates.

No worries, our prices are fair and transparent and small teams can use our tool for free: Our pricing