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Team Health Check

Quick test for the condition of agile teams

The Team Health Check is a quick test that agile teams can use to determine their condition extremely quickly and easily. With only 9+3 questions, all team members and optionally other stakeholder enter their assessment of the team into the tool. On this basis, the condition is determined from all essential perspectives and the team can preserve what is working and change what doesn't work.

The procedure

A Team Health Check is available to all teams free of charge. Simply order your analysis. In the configuration of the analysis select the Team Health Check. Now everyone can give their assessment. This is done by asking nine questions that rate the status of the project and additionally three general questions. The tool determines the state and delivers all results in reports. The team can use the reports to discuss the state in detail. If the team conducts regular retrospectives, the Team Health Check is a perfect complement to determine and analyze the state more comprehensively.

The Team Radar

The first report is the Team Radar. Here, the assessments of all project members are displayed at a glance. The report shows two lines. The first one shows the rating of all participants. It describes how well the team is positioned in the respective dimension. The second line is the convergence. The lower the value, the more different the view.

The causes of low convergence are usually communication deficits, differing opinions, knowledge levels or the formation of groups in the project. A more detailed analysis can be used to find the core problems in the project.

The detailed analysis

In the detailed analysis all dimensions of the Team Health Check can be run through. Here the feedbacks of all participants are displayed. In the configuration you can choose whether the feedback should be given by name or anonymously.

If the detailed analysis is discussed in a team retrospective, the status can be determined even more precisely via open questions in the entire team. Measures for improvement can be collected immediately and recorded in the tool. A task list shows the overview of all measures with assignment of the responsible persons.

The analysis template

The Team Health Check defines 9 success factors. Like any analysis template, the Team Health Check can be adapted individually to suit the team.

Health Check

We regularly check the condition of our team.

Ownership: 'We take ownership.

Value: We deliver value.

Objectives: We have proper objectives.

Communication: We manage our communication.

Roles: We have clear roles.

Velocity: We improve our velocity.

Support and resources: We have the right support and resources.

Process: We follow our processes.

Fun: We have fun.


General questions about the project

What works well in your team?

What needs to be improved?

What else can you to tell about your project and your team?

The illustration shows the 9 success factors that are analyzed with the template. For each success factor, its objective is indicated.

The analysis result

The analysis result shows the state of the agile team. The analysis is quick and easy to perform. The query takes five minutes, the analysis takes 15-30 minutes. Each team can decide for itself how deep the analysis should be done. Often the team radar is enough to see that the team is in a good state. However, concrete measures for improvement can be found quickly with the detailed analysis. If the state of the project needs significant improvement, we recommend a project analysis with the SPACE project analysis template.

Further use cases

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