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Identify the condition of organizations and teams with the appropriate analysis

:nabled is a platform for the targeted and sustainable improvement of teams and organizations. The basis of each analysis is an analysis framework that defines the success factors individually. There are four ways to find the right framework:

Standard frameworks

We have developed frameworks based on standards or in cooperation with experts. All standard frameworks have proven themselves many times over in practical use and can be implemented immediately. So if you want to quickly find out how your company or teams are positioned, you will find the right solution here.

Own frameworks

Everyone and every organization can create a framework that fits to a company and its culture. The success factors can be defined individually in the tool. The creation can be based on existing frameworks or in brainstorming mode to identify your own success drivers based on best practices.

Full Service

We also offer the analysis and improvement as a full service. To start with, we determine the desired analysis and improvement goals. On this basis, we create an analysis framework individually suited to the goal and company, accompany the analysis, the evaluation, the definition of measures and optionally also the implementation phase.

Partner Frameworks

Anyone can create analysis frameworks for special methods or purposes and bring their own expertise into a framework. These frameworks are mostly used to analyze and improve teams and organizations of own customers in the own field of expertise.

Standard Frameworks

Find here three of our standard frameworks as an excerpt from our analysis portfolio. Each framework describes the logic for the analysis according to the analysis goal, the reporting and contains a comprehensive catalog of measures from which the tool automatically proposes suitable improvement measures according to the analysis result.

SPACE Project Analysis

The SPACE project analysis analyzes agile product teams. The analysis has five levels:

  • Is the team well positioned from market analysis to the implementation in the team?
  • Does the team pursue clear goals and is the team able to achieve them?
  • Does the team follow agile principles with a clear focus on delivery and improvement?
  • Is the team well connected internally and externally and does it have the right partners?
  • Is the team well positioned for growth (optional)?

Agile corporate culture

This analysis determines the degree of implementation of the agile corporate culture. The analysis has four levels:

  • Are the teams cross-functional and self-organized?
  • Are the teams able to respond well to change while having clear goals?
  • Do the teams continuously and reliably deliver high-quality solutions?
  • Do the teams act responsibly and self-determined with high motivation?

Agile program analysis

Agile program analysis determines the condition of complex teams in programs, as they are mostly found in large organizations. The analysis has four levels:

  • Are the teams well positioned to deliver customer value in a focused and efficient manner?
  • Does the team operate according to basic agile principles and do structure, communication and results fit?
  • Are the teams motivated to work in continuous improvement cycles?
  • How well does overarching collaboration work and does everyone see themselves as part of an overarching goal?

...and much more

These three examples are only a selection of our instantly usable frameworks. We have further frameworks

  • for specific methods, e.g. Scrum or scaled agile methods
  • for cultural issues, e.g. a diversity analysis with our partner ID37
  • or quick analyses, e.g. our Agile Team Health Checks

Further analyses, which analyze concrete challenges in projects or organizations and help to improve them concretely, are created by us, our partners or by everyone himself.