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Enable your business.

The Continuous Improvement Platform :nabled.

Enable your business

Analyze and improve your projects or the whole organization. Targeted when necessary and sustainable for structured, continuous improvement.

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Everything in transition

We are in a phase of transition with many opportunities but also many problems. The management culture is changing, the customer is taking center stage, requirements are increasing, new work models and methods are coming and the self-image of the people in the companies is changing. New roles and tasks create uncertainty, and established structures are often unable to keep up.

What is :nabled?

:nabled is a platform for targeted and continuous analysis and improvement of projects and organizations. :nabled shows the status objectively and transparently and provides concrete solutions, tools and resources to improve projects, teams and organizations by themselves or with the help of own or external support. With :nabled, the performance of organizations will be improved in a measurable way.

Get in where it hurts

:nabled analyzes projects and organizations to identify and solve specific problems.

  • Detailed analysis of projects and teams
  • Generates an objective status report
  • Delivers a concrete improvement plan

Provide transparency

:nabled provides the transparency needed to steer organizations in a target manner.

  • Provides data to guide project portfolios
  • Finds best practices and organizational problems
  • Measurably increases performance

Continuous improvement

With :nabled teams can improve continuously in a sustainable and structured way.

  • Supports communication in teams
  • Enables teams to learn continuously
  • Provides the right tools and resources

Strengthens the knowledge

:nabled provides the content you need for your improvement.

  • Get descriptions and tips on tools and methods
  • Provides the resources that help now
  • Share the tools and templates of your company

Start now!

Just start and perform a team analysis. The team analysis is free of charge and without obligation for up to 10 participants. Optionally, we help with the selection and adoption of the analysis method and with the evaluation of the results. Order now.

Go deeper and choose a complete package. A complete package includes the analysis for any number of participants and optionally the supervision, adaptation and evaluation. Contact us now without obligation.

Improve permanently and support teams continuously. We create individual frameworks to help teams improve with regular retrospectives and provide them with all the tools and resources they need. Contact us to learn more.