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The Continuous Improvement Platform :nabled.

Success is the result of clear goals and continuous improvement

With :nabled, teams or entire organizations can be systematically analyzed and measurably improved. Targeted when needed and sustainable with continuous improvement. :nabled provides an objective status, empowers teams, improves collaboration and strengthens organizations.

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:nabled is more than a tool. It is a tool-driven methodology for continuous improvement of projects and organizations.



Define what success means for your projects and your organization individually.



Measure your defined success factors with feedback from as many stakeholders as possible.



Receive deep insights and structured reports to identify the condition of all teams.



Improve based on guided retros and concrete recommendations for action.

What does success mean to me?

If I don't know what success means to me, I won't be successful. However, success is very individual and depends on objectives, the company and the corporate culture.

With :nabled, teams and organizations can define their success factors: Based on best practices and standards or individually suited to the company.

  • Defines the success models of agile methods
  • Allows customization and definition of own success models
  • Extendable with individual tools and templates

Make success measurable

Once I have defined my success factors, I can use :nabled to measure how well my teams and the entire organization are positioned.

The analysis is carried out in an online self-assessment involving all participants and ideally also partners, customers and other stakeholders for a 360° view.

  • Minimal analysis effort through self-assessment
  • Automatic analysis of feedback
  • Individual adaptation to data protection requirements

Identify strengths and weaknesses

:nabled generates structured reports and provides deep insights into the condition of the analyzed teams and business units. The tool shows what should be maintained and strengthened, but also the areas where the teams and the organization can improve.

  • Shows strengths and weaknesses in detail
  • Identifies communication deficits and potential for conflict
  • Finds structural problems within the organization

Improve with focus

Teams can improve in a structured and targeted way based on the insights generated. The tool guides teams through all generated insights. Ideally, teams use the tool in a joint retrospective and discuss the insights together.

  • Guides through the analysis step by step
  • Generates recommendations for improvement
  • Fosters an open dialog for improvement

Concrete action plans for improvement

The result of the analysis are concrete action plans for improvement. Individually for each team or the entire organization. A regular re-assessment after three to six months shows the success of the improvement and thus supports continuous improvement.

  • Optional train-the-trainer sessions for internal coaches
  • Focus analyses possible for identified focus areas
  • Training material to support improvement

How does it work?

What does success mean to me? This is the question that stands at the beginning of every analysis. If I know my success factors, I can measure the implementation in my team resp. organization. Therefore, at the beginning of every analysis is the definition of success factors.

We have developed frameworks with success factors of different process models or corporate cultures. These can be used for the analysis or alternatively you or your coaches can create individual frameworks based on best-practices.

Based on the selected success factors :nabled generates an online self-assessment. This assesses the condition of teams or the entire organization and generates comprehensive reports to objectively illustrate the condition and thus show what works and where potentials can be found.

The analysis provides a benchmark for the objective capability. You can analyze and improve this status as a team. :nabled provides a planning tool for the improvement.

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