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The Continuous Improvement Platform :nabled.

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With :nabled, anyone can analyze and measurably improve teams or entire organizations. Targeted when necessary and sustainable for structured, continuous improvement. :nabled empowers teams and improves collaboration.

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Everything in transition

The organization and management of teams and companies has changed massively. Teams work self-organized, the customer takes center stage, requirements increase, new methods and tools come along and the self-image of the employees changes. Established structures often cannot keep up and transparency transparency gets lost.

What is :nabled?

:nabled is a platform for the enablement of teams and companies. With :nabled, the performance of companies and teams is improved in a targeted and measurable way, individually and suitable for each company. :nabled empowers teams to continuously improve and provides detailed information about the condition of the entire organization. More...

Get in where it hurts

:nabled analyzes projects and organizations to identify and solve specific problems.

  • Detailed analysis of projects and teams
  • Generates an objective status report
  • Delivers a concrete improvement plan

Provide transparency

:nabled provides the transparency needed to steer organizations in a target manner.

  • Provides data to guide project portfolios
  • Finds best practices and organizational problems
  • Measurably increases performance

Continuous improvement

With :nabled teams can improve continuously in a sustainable and structured way.

  • Supports communication in teams
  • Enables teams to learn continuously
  • Provides the right tools and resources

Adaptable and flexible

:nabled can be adapted to the processes, methods and culture in the company.

  • Based on agile success models
  • Allows the definition of custom success models
  • Extensible with custom tools and template

How does it work?

What does success mean to me? This is the question that stands at the beginning of every analysis. If I know my success factors, I can measure the implementation in my team resp. organization. Therefore, at the beginning of every analysis is the definition of success factors.

We have developed templates with success factors of different process models or corporate cultures. These can be used for the analysis or alternatively everyone can create their individual template.

Based on the selected success factors :nabled generates an online self-assessment. This assesses the condition of teams or the entire organization and generates comprehensive reports to objectively illustrate the condition and thus show what works and where potentials can be found.

The analysis provides a benchmark for the objective capability. You can analyze and improve this status as a team. :nabled provides a planning tool for the improvement.

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Continuously improve and integrate the continuous enablement of teams into your daily business. We can provide practical tips and support for integrating internal or external enablers into the company. Contact us to learn more.